I work in a decorative ceramic expression involving both form and decoration. Decoration is integrated into the form and the form itself is spatially decorative. My objects could also be supplied with other materials but ceramics is central in my works. In my hand-modeled sculptures you will often see decorated pattern where I seek to express the shapes more clear and underline the movements in the objects.

The objects are unique and made of earthenware. The process could be based both on clay-elements modeled in shapes and then built up in terms and variations or it could be a process based on free hand-modeled objects.

The shape is growing step by step and I give myself time to reflect and change direction after my own rules where I seek to obtain the relationship between the simple and the complex.

All my objects are completely plain before I glaze them and I and fire them up to 3 or 4 times before I am satisfied with the final results and the objects have the expression I want to show.  


steen ipsen
About the artist